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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Dietary modifications in thalassemia

Author(s): Muhammad Torequl Islam

Abstract: It is estimated that there are currently about 270 million abnormal hemoglobin and thalassemia carriers in the world, of which 80 million are carriers of beta thalassemia. It is divided into two classes, called alpha and beta thalassemia. Being a hereditary disease, thalassemia is very difficult to control. It can be prevented by strong public awareness, early detection, adherence to proper rules and proper treatment. Most patients have it without symptoms, so many people do not even know for a lifetime that they are carriers of thalassemia. It is slowly spreading from country to country through intermarriage between carriers. People with thalassemia major and intermedia (in some cases) require regular or frequent blood transfusions. In addition to this type of thalassemia patient, all types of thalassemia carriers may have differences in iron overload, calcium deficiency, vitamin C, and folate modulations. Therefore, it is very important for thalassemia carriers or patients to take special care of their diet to stay healthy. This paper will provide dietary suggestions for thalassemia carriers as well as thalassemia patients.

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Muhammad Torequl Islam. Dietary modifications in thalassemia. Int J Pharm Sci Drug Anal 2022;2(2):01-03.
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