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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Nanoemulsions: A propelled method of medication

Author(s): Rajia Sultana Nijhu, Ambia Khatun and Md. Abdul Mannan

Abstract: Nanoemulsions have recently generated a lot of attention in a wide variety of sectors, because of their unique physicochemical and physiological features. Nanoemulsions can be translucent, have good droplet aggregation and creaming stability, have new textural qualities, and have great bioavailability due to the tiny size of the droplets. These are thermodynamically stable isotropic systems in which an emulsifying agent, such as surfactant and co-surfactant, is used to combine two immiscible liquids into a single phase. Nanoemulsion droplets are generally 20–200 nanometers in size. The size and form of particles distributed in the continuous phase are the fundamental differences between emulsion and nanoemulsion. Overall, all nanoemulsion formulations are efficacious, safe, and have a higher bioavailability. Nanoemulsions are projected to be the subject of more study and development in the future. This review focuses on providing a fundamental understanding of nanoemulsion formulation, production process, characterisation techniques, assessment criteria, and numerous applications.

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Rajia Sultana Nijhu, Ambia Khatun, Md. Abdul Mannan. Nanoemulsions: A propelled method of medication. Int J Pharm Sci Drug Anal 2022;2(2):38-43.
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