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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Herbal paper soap (Turmeric)

Author(s): Priyanka M

Abstract: The aim of this experiment is to formulate and evaluate herbal soap strip preparation, where Turmeric plays an essential and most important role as it is the ancient form of medicines which is suggested specially for skin concerns. Paper soaps are biodegradable sheets prepared and evaluated for dermal infection. Which act as an anionic surfactant. Paper soap can be used which helps to maintain the hygiene level palms. These strips are easy to carry, use and portable. Herbal paper strips are free of harmful chemicals which minimize the cause of skin damage as it may alter the skin natural pH. Non-medicated paper soap strips are easy to use and are cheap which induces less chance of getting attacked by microbes.Turmeric, known scientifically as Curcuma longa, is a golden, aromatic spice that is part of ginger family. It has been used throughout ancient history in Southeast Asia, china, and India it tend to show medicinal and cosmetic uses based on its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Turmeric is commonly used in soaps and creams for skin conditions such as acne, anti-tan and brightening properties. Regular turmeric powder contains about 3% curcuminoids. Of that 2%, about 77% is comprised of curcumin; therefore regular turmeric powder has about 2% curcumin. Turmeric and its essential oil contain anti-inflammatory and provide antioxidant benefits which defends from free radicals. Turmeric paper soap preparations are efficacious against a skin issues. Based on their mechanism of functions all measuring parameters were studied, by formulating non-medicated paper soap strips.The formulation and evaluation of herbal soap strips were carried out into phases.Phase 1 studies involve selection of herbal preparation of liquid soap solution, formulation of herbal paper soap strips and evaluations of paper soap strips, Phase 2 includes the several parameters such as organoleptic evaluation. Physical evaluation of herbal paper soap such as: pH test, Foam retention, Anti-microbial activity test, Foam height, total moisture content, determination of percentage alkali, stability test. Primary skin irritation test and Saponification test got performed. These evaluation test facilitates reduction of the Microbial and Fungal actions, or dermal infections and resistant towards microbial growth. The result of physiological characters was revealed. Carried out and the best results of was found.

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